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You’ve probably heard the famous words of the motivational speaker, Jim Rohn, when he said that we are the average of the five people we most surround ourselves with. Others have said that it goes even wider than that. They say that we are the sum total of our whole network. The bottom line, relationships matter and we can raise the level of our intended results by surrounding ourselves with the most positive, successful, creative, and happy people. When we consciously change the cast of characters and relationships in our lives to healthier and more mature ones, we see our life shift towards success and happiness. Building positive relationships, whether with a love interest, a friendship or a creative team, raises experiences and outcomes substantially. Getting bogged down with relationships centered on cheap drama and negativity only sabotages relationships.

When we look out onto the world stage, we can see how life truly is a stage, as Shakespeare wrote. Many levels of consciousness exist. Different characters on this elaborate stage of life perform a vast array of different wants, needs and desires. Even the most accomplished among the players on the stage, prance about seeking to heal their wounded hearts. We are all players, for that matter. We all have ways to grow. So, we can choose to surround ourselves with others also seek to grow and who lift us up through their positive participation with life or we can surround ourselves with those who drain us. At some point, the burden of those low level and draining relationships will weigh us down. Let’s face it, some players that surround us have no clue of how to live positively. They choose to keep telling the same story over and over, stuck inside their comfort zones. When we decide to take on a new story, they will either decide to change with us or they will remain stuck. Making the decision to change and live with our own stories of power, some of the people in our circles will slowly fade away.

If we were to examine every aspect of their lives, we might find areas where people in our circle suffer arrested development, hurts and desires. Sometimes, these wounded beings are dressed in costume as our boss, our professor, our romantic partner, or our best friend. The New Year is always a great time to take inventory of which relationships enlighten us, inspire us, support us and transform us to being the best version of ourselves.

If you are now ready to claim your place as a successful and vibrant player on the world stage, then choose to be around dynamic and accomplished individuals who make no excuses. I dare you to, then, watch how good that feels. As we choose vibrant people in our lives, we dynamically change our own stories. The people around us help us create our life’s story. By changing the stories we tell about ourselves, we shift the trajectory of our experiences in a manner that over time, we live out great successes.

There is no better time to start new than the New Year! As we take inventory, we can decide on the relationships that weigh us down. We've probable already had the conversations in our minds. Choose a new cast is one of the top intentions for the new year. However, we don’t always follow through with our intentions. Sometimes, we focus on negative traits in others and we just don't do anything about it. We put up with more than we should. The new year is a good time to just start over. We sometimes become accustomed with simply putting up with people or worse, we think we can change others. That little thing that bothers us, which we think of as a tiny pebble, eventually turns into so much pain that we can no longer bare it. That pebble in our shoe becomes an annoyance and then we explode with upset. The bottom line is that we deserve relationships that nurture and fulfill us. By not surrounding ourselves with the people that make us better, we lose out of the positive energy that we can build a happy and fulfilling life.

In the New Year, I hope you will set yourself up for successes by surrounding yourself with other high performers!

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