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Before I started working with Djelani, I was stuck.  I knew I wanted more results in my writing career but I didn't know how to get out of the box that I was in.  I wanted to give more but I was holding myself back.  Djelani helped me to get unstuck and to start showing up in the world the way that I had imagined.


Delani is an authority! He took the time to help me break down the story that I had been telling my whole life and he helped me to reframe it and now I can tell a whole different story.  My new story gave me the power that I needed to be in the world as a successful and busy actress.  ~Kumiko


I experienced one of the most difficult setbacks in my life and Djelani helped me to write a new story that worked for me, the way I wanted it!  I'm singing that song now thanks to Djelani!


Who knew that transformation could be so fun?  Thank you for reminding me that meaningful change does not have to be torture.  You helped me to see that by facing my dreams step by step, I can achieve a lot.  I did!  And, I have you to thank, Djelani.


Djelani, your program is so different from some of the other things I have tried.  I really loved how you helped me to by giving me a system to work through my blocks.  I increase my auditions ten-fold!


Thank you for the GPS model for getting to my successes.  I learned how to establish my targeted specific goals and intentions like I have never have before.  I now passionately know my purpose and I know strategies to getting the results I want as an actor n Hollywood.


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