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WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE!: Using Your Words to Build a New Story.

According to people who study myths, you can predict the future of any society if you can figure out their original myth. Unless they change their story and the structure of their society, they will recreate this existence over and over again. The same is true for individuals. The stories that we tell ourselves echo out into our experiences. When we tell stories about how bad life is, we tend to create the bad that we speak about. When we tell more stories of grandeur and success than stories of doom and failure, we establish a solid foundation for the sweetness of life. Henry Ford said that "Whether you think you can or if you think you can't, you are probably right." Our words lay the foundation of what we can experience.

When we start out on the journey of cleaning up our language, we can often begin to hear the patterns of communication what we know. We notice words and phrases that we use over and over. The more we pay attention to those words and phrases, we then start to notice all the big stories that we tell about ourselves. We can heighten our ability to transform our stories when we surround ourselves with others who are also on a path of changing our language to empower what we do in the world. Being in a circle of supportive listeners, we begin to influence a circle that support each other’s growth. So often, many of our childhood and school experiences record all the limiting beliefs that we hold for ourselves. These “recording” hold us captive until we decided to change the script. Erasing those old recordings can prove a long process. However, one day, we will arrive at a tipping point where more of our positive language outshines our limiting chatter.

Often, we begin the process of watching our language, we put our "buts" in the way. We will say simple statements to ourselves like, "I know I can do this, I've done it before." Then we crash the whole story back to limiting beliefs. We demolish this simple and powerful statement by putting our BUTS in the way as we add on, "But, this accomplishment doesn't mean anything... This great feeling never lasts, I'm just not good enough. Everyone else can do it better, etc..." When we continuously get really quiet and listen to our deepest wishes and desires, we can experience our deepest knowledge. Our unique knowledge lives in the quiet. From that place of quiet, we can start again with the affirming powerful statements that support and lift us up. Trust me, the negative statements will continue to arise but by having a practice of continuously positive self-talk, the narration inside our heads dominates the narratives or doubt and worry.

We all come from different backgrounds, some filled with with more joy more than others and some with more disappointments. Sometimes, when we have experienced many difficulties in our early lives, we believe that that's just the way life is. But, when we start to watch the big stories that we tell ourselves, we can begin to see patterns. When we carefully erase the limiting words and phrases that we say over and over in our daily conversation and instead use words of power and affirmation, we can slowly change our grand narratives. Over time, after we have rehearsed this empowering language, we will begin to see the manifestation of a new story and a new life. Words have power. As it says in the great book, “In the beginning was the word.” Watch your language and use words that call out the brilliance in you.

We have to do this! No one else in the world will do this for us. Over time, changing what we say to ourselves will shift what we see and feel. We will speak our experiences into existence and we fly.

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