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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is coaching?

Coaching is a partnership between coach and client that helps the client to achieve their personal best and to produce the results they want in their personal and professional lives. Unlike other forms of transformation, Coaching builds 
awareness in clients and empowers them to make choices that lead to positive change.  Coaching ensures the client can give their best, learn and develop in extraordinary ways..

Is any coach good enough?

Many will claim the title of "Coach."  Since coaching is a partnership, we have to all find the right match to suit our specific needs.  Look to the coaches experiences that might be similar to your needs.  Look to their training, not all coaches certifications are the same.  Look to the approach, do you want someone who can build on your strengths?

Do you have a specialty?

Because of my background in Education and also in the creative world, my speciality is working with people with diverse background.  The transformational process operates the same for all people.  In my group sessions, I have found that individuals make the greatest progress when not everyone has the same background, when not everyone has the same thought process.  So, while I most mostly worked with individuals in the film industry, it has always been an asset when an engineer, a doctor, educator or account has dropped into the mix.

How do I book a session?

You can schedule a free discovery session by clicking on one of the links on the pages throughout the website.

Free Transformational Interactive

2020 has been a year we will all remember!  We have all witnessed one disaster after another.  Our whole global community has experienced a year of loss, either of loved ones, natural disasters or economic and artistic setbacks.  And yet, in the middle of all this, some people thrive.  In this Free Interactive Transformation, you will learn how to turn the detours of this past year into the tools to create something more wonderful in your life.   I hope you will drop by and experience this joy-filled community experience and turn your life around.  Clink the button before and find a time and date that works for you!  See you there!  RSVP Today!

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